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We want our social media to meet people where they are, just as our film does.

So, we are asking you to make a 1-3 minute video on your phone describing how clarity has killed controversy at some point in your life. Please post your videos to social media and tag us, using the hashtag #ClarityKillsControversy.


We also inviting you to answer some of the most frequently asked and most difficult questions we face when we face abortion. Those questions are below.

Look over the list to see if there are any answers you can lend or a story you can share, and send us your video!


Direct Message:


Post to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Twitter:


  • What was it like to choose adoption for you and your child?

  • What is it like to place your baby in another loving home?

  • What was it like to be adopted if your began life in your mom's unplanned pregnancy?

  • Do you ever forget your abortion?

  • How do I move on from the regret of my abortion(s)?

  • What can you say to someone contemplating abortion?

  • What can you say to your teenager who is pregnant?

  • Why is the societal issue of abortion so important?

  • What are ways the church can help support women and make abortion unthinkable? 

  • What do you do if others are pressuring you to have an abortion?

  • My doctor told me to abort and I felt pressure. This is my story...

  • My baby was born with special needs, this is my story...

  • I had serious health issues during pregnancy. This is my story....

  • How can men cope with abortion regret?

  • How should men respond to their girlfriend in an unplanned pregnancy?

  • How to cope with an abortion you were unaware of until much later?

  • What to do when she wants an abortion and you don't?

  • What do I do if I'm pregnant, not married, and Christian?

  • How to be a single mom with a new baby?

  • How should Christians respond to pregnant single women?

  • What to expect when you're single and pregnant?

  • How did your parents react when you told them you were pregnant?

  • I was conceived in rape, this is my story...

  • My baby was conceived in rape, this is my story...

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