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from Tracy Robinson,
Director/Producer of The Matter of Life

                                                 Actually, I never gave myself that label. In fact, I didn't give the ethics of abortion much thought. If I ever had to describe my point of view, it would have been "personally pro-life." In other words, "I don't want to force my beliefs onto others."


                                             For a few years, I had been making promotional videos for a Pregnancy Resource Center. And one day –in 2016– my friends on staff at the Center invited me to a special presentation at a church. The speaker was Alan Shlemon of Stand to Reason and the topic was The Case Against Abortion Choice. And after hearing the logically sound arguments and being shown images of abortion aftermath, I was convinced of the full humanity of the unborn child. And that abortion kills a whole, existing, growing human being.

                                              I was also shocked that this information was so new to me. And I knew there were many young adults out there like me who were still in the dark about the abortion issue. So I desired to convey the truth to people, and it was at that presentation that I felt a calling to make a documentary film that eventually became The Matter of Life.

I was a pr0-choice Christian.
Then everything changed.
The moment of conception.

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